• Ethics You Can Trust.

    When you purchase a used vehicle, you shouldn't have to deal with unfair policies and dishonesty. That's why NIADA's members advocate a strict code of ethics, that leads to the respect and fairness you deserve.

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  • The Voice of BHPH.

    NIADA works as the voice of the Buy Here Pay Here community, educating legislators on the impact of proposed laws and providing an accurate view of the challenges that independent dealers face every day.

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  • United in Compliance.

    NIADA dealerships are committed to legal compliance and fair, ethical behavior. We offer numerous legal resources to our members, including educational opportunities, industry-based legal reviews, and updates on changing legal and regulatory requirements.

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The Buy Here Pay Here industry offers used vehicle financing options to customers that cannot obtain loans through traditional financial methods.

What is BHPH?

NIADA 2017 Initiatives.

  • Legislation/Regulation +

    NIADA focuses on compliance, education and regulatory efforts

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  • Compliance Checklist +

    We have developed a checklist to help dealers stay in compliance.

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  • Press Releases +

    Read the latest NIADA BHPH announcements, updates, and news.

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NIADA | Working Together For Compliance.

  • Preparing for Compliance
  • Behind the Politics
  • What is CFPB?
  • Working Together

Staying in compliance with current state and federal regulations is paramount to principled dealers and has never been more challenging. These simple guidelines can help you get started.



Read about the current regulations and stay up-to-date on any changes.



Routinely review current and upcoming legal issues with your team.



Plan your response to changing policies and implement necessary actions.


The NIADA Buy Here Pay Here Commission works with policy makers to establish legislation that is mutually beneficial to the entire BHPH community, regardless of political affiliations.


BHPH customers should be protected agains unfair and deceptive practices.


Dealers should not be burdened with rules that prohibit them from conducting business.



The BHPH industry should be allowed to serve its necessary role in economy.


The passage of the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Act mandated the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, an agency focused on protecting consumers from unfair lending practices. 



The CFPB educates consumers on how to protect themselves from abusive actions.



The CFPB enacts new rules in order to prevent unfair and deceptive practices. 



The CFPB enforces regulations on BHPH dealerships and other financial institutions.


Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the personal freedom that comes with owning a vehicle. In order to continue serving the community with this service, BHPH dealers must work together with the CFPB to establish fair regulations.

Apply for membership today and let your voice be heard. Help represent our industry to legislators, stand apart from deceptive used car dealers, and join with other respected BHPH dealers to help improve the image of our community. 

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