Responsible BHPH Practices


Practices Utilized by Responsible BHPH Dealers:

  1. We will only sell vehicles with clean titles.
  2. We will follow all state and federal laws, as well as post business licenses in common areas for public inspection.
  3. We will not knowingly sell a vehicle with mechanical problems that may interfere with dependable transportation. 
  4. We will post a buyer’s guide on every vehicle.
  5. Warranty information will be clearly communicated in writing and we will stand behind what we promise to do.
  6. We will not pull a credit report on customer without proper authorization.
  7. Before purchasing a vehicle, the customer may take a reasonable test drive, and may take the vehicle to an independent mechanic for inspection.
  8. We will work with our customers to make sure the terms financially fit their budget.
  9. We will follow laws and regulations, as well as industry best practices, to prevent fraud and identity theft and to secure the customer’s private information.
  10. We will make sure the customer understands the price and terms of the vehicle before we ask them sign the contract.
  11. We will never ask the customer to sign a blank agreement.
  12. Any items promised by the dealer at the time of sale will be documented in writing in the form of a “due bill” or “we owe” statement that will be provided to the customer.
  13. We will provide a copy of all paperwork signed by the customer to the customer before they leave.
  14. We will disclose any return or warranty policies and will provide these in writing at the time of the sale.
  15. We will provide a receipt for all payments made by our customers at our locations.
  16. We will inform the customer if their payment history will be reported to credit bureaus. 

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