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imageIn recent years, independent Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) auto dealerships have experienced increasing criticism from the media, consumer advocates, plaintiff's attorneys, regulators, and politicians. This is in large part due to a few dishonest troublemakers that have damaged the reputation of the business as well as a growing distrust of the consumer finance industry as a whole. Unfortunately, this is nothing new. However, the fact of the matter is that while there are some unscrupulous dealers out there, the BHPH industry is generally comprised of honest and hard-working small business owners. As an organization, NIADA strives to help used car buyers identify these reputable dealers and, at the same time, educate responsible dealers in ways to improve their operations. BHPH dealers provide a necessary service to the community by bringing vehicle financing to customers that traditional banks and financial institutions do not. NIADA acts as the voice of these responsible and honest dealers, who are not typically acknowledged, and represent them to the public. With it's inaugural meeting at the NIADA Leadership Conference in Washington DC in November of 2014, the NIADA BHPH Commission established itself as the leader in industry representation. The Commission strives to provide NIADA members with information regarding the latest regulations and promotes the adoption of industry best practices. These efforts help to ensure that our members rise above the erroneous perceptions that have plagued the industry for the past few years and continue to serve their respective communities with quality used vehicles. By joining NIADA and adhering to these practices and policies, responsible dealers can more effectively communicate their desire to do the right thing and distinguish themselves. 

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