Frequently Asked Questions

What does BHPH mean?

BHPH means Buy Here Pay Here, referring to dealers who finance the vehicles they sell either themselves or through a related finance company. Other dealers sell vehicles financed by outside sources such as banks, credit unions, or other financial sources.

Do BHPH Dealers report to the credit bureaus?

Dealers who use “Responsible BHPH Practices” report good and bad credit to the credit bureaus.

Does a customer make payments at the dealership?

Dealers who use “Responsible BHPH Practices” accept multiple forms of payment, including but not limited to; debit cards by phone, check by phone, recurring payments by check, Western Union, Pay Near ME, Money Gram, or in person at the dealers location.

Do BHPH Dealers provide a warranty?

Dealers who use “Responsible BHPH Practices” provide a warranty, a vehicle service contract, or both. In general, a warranty will cover the customer’s car in case of major mechanical failure. A vehicle service contract may be purchased by the consumer and may cover longer periods of time. These products combined help the consumer with mechanical events and reduce loan failure.

Will I get to test drive the car?

Dealers who use “Responsible BHPH Practices” will insist a consumer test-drive the automobile.

Can a mechanic inspect the car?

Dealers who use “Responsible BHPH Practices” want to sell reliable transportation to informed consumers. They encourage the customer to have an inspection done by a third party qualified mechanic to help build the “Trust Factor” between the customer and the dealer.

How can I be sure I am working with a dealer who use “Responsible BHPH Practices”?

Here are some items a consumer can look for to insure they are working with a dealer who use “Responsible BHPH Practices”: 

  • Displays a privacy policy or supplies a copy of the privacy policy at the time credit is requested.
  • Supplies a car history report such as Autocheck or Carfax upon request.
  • Explains fully the financing options available such as leasing or purchasing.
  • Insists on a test-dive and allows for an independent inspection.
  • Provides a warranty or offers a service contract.
  • Accepts multiple forms of payment.
  • Reports to credit bureaus, good as well as bad credit.
  • Treats customer with respect.

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